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Philippine Time is a Philippines job hiring website that offers great benefits for employers, Jobseekers and freelancers. is a Philippines job hiring website that offers great benefits for employers, Jobseekers and freelancers. Register now to create your profile! Employers can pre-evaluate the qualified applicants, send an interest message, save the Jobseekers profile in the pre-approved list and may be interviewed directly using our chat program when the applicant is seen online. Jobseekers also can directly apply for a job hiring on their member page and submit your resume straight to the Employers Inbox. You can Add to Favorites all your desired job positions and can follow-up anytime without logging out of the website. When an employer likes your CV, you can directly be interviewed by chat when you're online. is a free job site for Jobseekers. We offer a reasonable price for Philippine Employers.

Why Must I Apply for Jobs Online?

One of the best medium for Job search today is the Internet. More Philippine based companies, employers and firms nowadays are advertising their job vacancies online, as it is one of the most easy ways to reach out to Jobseekers who are in job search and finding other career opportunities. Many job websites allows you to search for a job hiring in a specific industry and location. When you find a job that meets your qualifications, you may be able to apply right from the website like

In this fast paced world, searching for a job through print ads is hard as there are lesser selections of the jobs that suits your skills and capabilities as a potential candidate in a certain company. Hence, you must resort to apply jobs online as finding good companies is endless. Applying online will do a couple of things for you and they are important. Here are some of the reasons why you must apply for jobs online:

  1. Faster and more convenient. Search now, click the submit button and your resume is now delivered to the Employer's Inbox. You have applied to different jobs without ever leaving your seat. Fantastic! Other job websites require that you create your account first before seeing job vacancies and sending out resume to companies.
  2. Availability. You can directly see if the job is still available for you or it has expired and the job vacancy is no longer open.
  3. More job choices. Unlike the paper applications, searching a job online gives you more variations on the job the you are interested and qualified. Moreover, you can widen the results to search for jobs within your current location.
  4. Creating of multiple profiles. As there are more than thousands of job sites in the online world today, you can create multiple profiles, (or a portfolio if you are an artist) which gives you bigger chances and opportunities to land a job. This is an advantage because you will make yourself and your works visible to several companies. The more employers see your profile and portfolio, the better.
  5. Opportunities of new jobs. Meaning, if you are not fit with the job that you are applying, you may qualify for another job which requires your other skills. Oftentimes, employers ran into applicants that may have the ability they need. You may not get hired of the job you applied but at least you land on the job that will show your other potentials.
  6. Saves time and money. In this difficult world, you must use your time and money wisely to become productive. You can apply jobs online with just few clicks of the mouse which allows you to apply multiple jobs without going back and forth to the company location that you would like to apply.

Why Must I Post for a Job Ad Online?

Many job seeker's or potential employees search jobs online, therefore, posting job ad online is a requisite in order to find the best employee that will be an asset to your company. Other benefit of posting a job ad online is that you can attract multiple number of applicants with various interests and skills, which may be of help if you are in need of an employee aside from the job that he or she applied for.

Posting a job ad online will give you potential job seeker's on the same day! No more waiting periods on when will someone applies in your company. In addition, it can save time and effort as almost everyone has access to internet, which made the hiring of an applicant easy and it is the best available tool to hire a good candidate for a job.

Aside from the mentioned reasons above, another important advantage of posting a job ad online is that it can be seen 24/7 compared to print advertising in magazines, newspapers and notice boards, which limits the visibility of the job ad as everyday these print ads continue to update and not all applicants have the chance or opportunity to read the past issues of magazines or newspapers unlike in the online word, you have easy access to the archive of past job hiring.